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A Proud Moment for All Choithramians – We Emerge as Winner of People Award of School Enterprise Challenge

We Emerge as Winner of People Award

The Fundraising UK-based charity Teach A Man To Fish has announced Choithram School, Manik Bagh as a winner of People Award of the School Enterprise Challenge 2016, the second highest award of the implementation phase. The award carries with it a prize of $2000 and one funded place to a regional conference organized by School Enterprise Challenge. The school received the award in recognition of the exceptional school business established in the school and its contribution to developing business and practical skills amongst students. More than 5000 schools from over 100 countries participated in the contest this year.
As a part of the business enterprise ‘Good Earth’, students from Montessori to grade 10 prepared handicrafts from recycled material, compost from dry leaves and saplings from flower cuttings while the business team of grade 11 and 12 was involved in selling these items during the Fundraising Events. The profits generated were used for setting up a library at Bahu Udeshya Seva Seva Samiti, an orphanage, gifting musical instruments to the visually handicapped of the Blind School and providing school bags to slum children of ‘Souls for Slums’ Charitable Society.
The contest challenges young people to establish a socially responsible, environment sustainable, yet profitable, business at their school. This offers a platform for providing hands-on relevant education to students, at the same time as generating extra income for the school.
Ms. Raminder Mac, Dean International Affairs and Lead Teacher of the project remarked, ‘School Enterprise Challenge is an excellent platform to hone the entrepreneurial skills of the students by providing them experiential learning as well as brings them closer to the environment and community. Principal Mr.  Rajesh Awasthi congratulated all students and teachers for achieving this remarkable feat.

Community Outreach - A Philantrophic Endeavour

A Philanthropic Endeavour

With the money collected from various Fundraising Events of School Enterprise Challenge, the students of Choithram School, ManikBagh visited homes of less fortunate ones to empower them with the resources needed for better living. The students donated three Congo drums (musical instruments) to visually impaired children of the Blind School as it is believed that music therapy creates a soothing effect and also help to develop self-esteem and motor skills.
They brought smiles on the faces of slum children living near Bombay Hospital volunteered by ‘Souls for Slums Charitable Society’ by gifting them with 65 school bags. They established a library by gifting a cupboard with 125 story books to the underprivileged children of BahuUdeshyaSevaSevaSamiti, an orphanage. The story books included a vast array of topics from mythology to mystery. The students also donated 10 solar lamps to 10 families of Harniyakhedi where the villagers suffer from erratic power supply. All these acts of kindness made students realize that giving brings closer to create the better world where everyone wants to live in.

Fundraising Event - Sale of CBSE-i Handicrafts

Selling CBSE-iHandicrafts

The Fundraising Event of School Enterprise Challenge was organized in CBSE-i (International Curriculum) during the PTM of Grade 1 to 5 on October 28, 2016.  A display of beautiful festive handicrafts made by the students of various grades during their Visual Arts periods was put up for sale. The products that were presented during the Fundraising Event were showpiece items, brush pencil holders, envelopes, decorated diyas as well as jewellery items like bangles, ear-rings, and hand bags. The students of Grade 11 and 12 showed their aptitude and adroitness while selling the handicrafts to the parents and teachers. The students enhanced their marketing skills as well as their communication skills. At the same time we tried to manage waste, used our resources judiciously, and tried to bring awareness among people to protect the environment.
Anshika Bhargava 
Grade 11 D

Fundraising Event - Sale of Junior School Handicrafts

Selling Junior School Handicrafts

The School Enterprise Challenge gives a platform to the students to learn managerial, marketing and entrepreneurial skills as well as plays a vital role in bringing them closer to mother earth. In the Fundraising Event on October 27, 2016 during the PTM of students of grade 2 to 5, we displayed different handmade products made from recycled material (ear-rings, exercise balls, brush pencil holders and envelopes)by students of these classes during their Art & Craft periods as well as Club activity periods.  We also sold products that were left over from the Fundraising Events of Senior School and Junior School. The members of the business team gained confidence and polished their communication skills while selling the products to the parents and teachers. The parents appreciated the efforts of the school in reaching out to the community and making the students understand sustainable issues. 

Jayanti Bhutda
Grade 11 F

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