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Community Outreach Project - Reaching out to Children of Bahuuddeshiya Seva Samiti

Reaching out to Children of Bahuuddeshiya Seva Samiti
Teaching The Underprivileged Skills of Making Handicrafts

Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love.’
Students of Community Service Club invested their time and skills to teach the underprivileged children of Bahuuddeshiya Seva Samiti, Indore, who visited Choithram School, Manik Bagh on October 19, 2016. They helped the children aged 8 to 14 years to make colourful and decorative bangles from discarded plastic bottles, pens stands from , beautiful cards and envelopes from the old greeting cards. The activity witnessed the absolute participation by these vulnerable children and also enhanced their creative and imaginative skills. The experience taught the students that unless a life is lived for others, it is not worthwhile.

International Day of the Girl Child


Our girls of Choithram School, ManikBagh (Indore)are engaged in all the areas of running the school enterprise ‘Good Earth’ which focuses on recycling the waste on the planet earth and making the earth a good place to live in. We make handicrafts from recycled material, prepare compost from dry leaves and plant saplings from flower cuttings as a part of our school enterprise. Right from brainstorming sessions to collecting dry leaves in the school campus, planting saplings in the earthen pots, creating a mélange of creative handicrafts from recycled material, putting of ‘Good Earth’ tags, selling of products, managing finances and writing the final report,our girls take the lead. We believe they are the change agents, the harbingers of tomorrow and can definitely bring about a change.#SECgirls2016

Fundraising - Selling CBSE-i Handicrafts


Selling CBSE-i  Handicrafts

The second fundraising event of School Enterprise Challenge was organized in CBSE-i (International Curriculum) during the PTM of grade 4 and 5 students on September 24, 2016. An array of beautiful handicrafts prepared by the students of various classes during their Visual Arts periods from recycled material were put up for sale.  The products that were exhibited during the Fundraising event were photoframes, X-Ray sheet decoration pieces, envelopes, key chains, crayon stand, cloth bags, brush pencil holder, clips as well as jewellery items like neck pieces, bangles and ear rings. The business team of grade 11 and 12 students could not be present for the Fundraising Event due to their examination.  However, students of junior classes of CBSE-i exhibited their adeptness and dexterity while selling the handicrafts to the parents and teachers.  

Fundraising - Selling CBSE-i Handicrafts

Selling CBSE-i Handicrafts

The ‘School Enterprise Challenge’, an initiative of UK based NGO ‘Teach a Man to Fish’ organization is an excellent platform to enhance entrepreneurial skills of the students.
On September 17, 2016 during the PTM of Montessori to grade 2 students of CBSE-i (International Curriculum) we sold handicraft items made by the students of these classes to parents and teachers.  A mélange of eye catching handicrafts prepared by the students during their Visual Art periods from recycled and waste material lying in the school and at home were displayed for sale.  The business team comprising of grade 11 and 12 students along with students of CBSE-ijunior classes were involved in selling of these products, bringing their communication skills, convincing power and sales strategies to fore.
The products made by various classes were:
Neck Pieces – Grade 2
X Ray Sheet Decoration – Grade 3
Photo Frame – Grade 1
Cloth Bags – Grade 7
Brush Pencil Holder – Grade 4
Crayon Stand – Grade 4
Envelopes – Grade 5
Key Chains – Grade 6
Clips – Grade 7
Ear Rings - Grade 2
Bangles – Grade 6

We got first hand exposure of running a business enterprise independently and how to deal with different kinds of customers.  Till now we were just gaining theoretical knowledge but now we are learning the practical experience of what a business actually is! We would continue to expand our business and I would like to appreciate the efforts made by our school for giving us this exposure.

Finance Manager
Good Earth
Choithram School Enterprise

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